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About Hive Counselling Leicester

Hive Counselling Leicester started out in a small office in the back of a library in Leicestershire. We are now international. We have offices in Anstey, Leicester city centre in England and Maesteg, South Wales. We also work online and by telephone so can work with anyone across the UK.

We offer private counselling, relationship/separation counselling, family therapy, Rewind Trauma therapy, meditation classes, coaching and workplace mediation. Please see the details below about the areas we specialise in. We offer face to face, telephone or online video sessions

Counselling provides time and space for you to talk about things that are concerning or troubling you and help you open up about difficult experiences in a way that feels safe. The aim of counselling is for those unpleasant feelings to be processed and understood in a way that they stop having such a major impact on your everyday life. You may not be struggling, instead you may wish to learn skills for resillience or coping mechanisms for the times you do struggle.

You might be seeking counselling if you are experiencing difficulties in a particular area of your life, such as at work or in your family life, or you are facing a change in your life circumstances. Perhaps you feel something is not working well in your personal or professional relationships and you would like to change this. Whatever the issue, counselling seeks to work out what the difficulties are and support you in finding a way forward. Together, we can explore what might work best for you and for your situation. We work as person centred counsellors whilst also drawing upon several theoretical frameworks. Counselling may not always feel easy but we are here to walk the path alongside you. We are committed to offering you a safe and non-judgemental environment within which to explore your issues. We hope that you will find it a thought-provoking and rewarding experience. Why not book in for some self-care today?

If you feel ready to begin counselling, get in touch with any of the team at Hive Counselling by phone, email or text to discuss your needs. You can also ask any questions you may have. Please feel free to leave a voicemail with your contact details on if we are unable to take your call at the time. We will get back to you as soon as we can, usually the same day. We will not call back if you do not leave your details in case you are using a shared phone, this is to maintain confidentiality.

We will then book you in for an initial session where we can talk about what brings you to counselling. If you feel we are a good fit and wish to continue then we can then book you in for further sessions. Each session is 50 minutes long and usually take place on a weekly basis.

The team at Hive Counselling work online, by telephone and face-to-face around Leicestershire and in Maesteg in South Wales - please see the Meet the Team page to see how we work and our office addresses.

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The team at Hive Counselling Leicester specialise in....

Trauma Therapy
Relationship / Separation Counselling
Life Transitions

Cherie works in general terms with trauma.

Tamar and Kate are both trained in Rewind Trauma Therapy, which is a short 2-3 session therapy focussed on stopping flashbacks and nightmares following either being involved in or witnessing a traumatic event (post traumatic stress). This therapy has a 90% success rate.


This therapy is offered free of charge to military veterans (proof of service/discharge required)​.

Tamar specialises in working with life transitions such as the menopause, divorce, new parenthood and retirement. She uses a combination of counselling and coaching to help you to process the changes brought about by the transition and then to successfully move in to the new phase of your life.

You can hear Tamar talking about the journey through menopause on the Moving Through Menopause podcast - 'Who Am I Now?' episode.

Kate is a trained relationship counsellor and can work with all relationship types. She works with couples trying to resolve conflict. If couples decide to separate then she can offer separation counselling working through the transition and coming to terms with the changes this brings. She offers sessions in Leicester and Anstey.

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University Students and Staff

Tamar has worked at a University for over a decade. She has worked in pastoral support and student counselling and has an understanding of the pressures of the academic cycle.

Adolescent Therapy

Kate has experience in working with 14-19 year olds with all kinds of issues.

Cherie has experience of working with the 16+ age group.


All of our counsellors can work with you on your anxiety, helping you to understand where it comes from and helping you to manage your anxiety.

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New Diagnosis

Kate has experience of working with patients and their families following a life changing diagnosis of a medical condition.

Family Therapy

Kate works with families to improve the dynamics of the family unit and work on better communication.

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Workplace Mediation

Tamar can work with parties in dispute in a quick, confidential, creative and cost-effective manner. In the workplace, mediation can increase efficiency and profitability by engaging and empowering employees to resolve their disputes.

Domestic Abuse

Cherie works with the person centred approach for this to help you to understand yourself better and come to terms with what has happened.

Rape Crisis

Cherie works with the person centred approach for this to help you to understand yourself better and come to terms with what has happened.

Pre-Trial Therapy

Cherie works with supporting your emotions rather than discussing or disclosing anything about the incident to keep within the law whilst helping you to process what happened.


Join Kate for a relaxing meditation class to help you cope better with difficulties such as illness or stress, whilst experiencing inner peace and a clear sense of the present moment.

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

"Trauma-focused" means that the treatment focuses on the memory of the traumatic event or its meaning. These treatments use different techniques to help you process your traumatic experience. Cherie uses the 'Three Stages of the Trauma' model.

Eating Disorders

Cherie provides a place to talk about these emotions, which can also be helpful in changing thoughts and unhealthy behaviours. Counselling can give you the chance of controlling the eating disorder, rather than it controlling you.

Infant Loss and Bereavement

Tamar is trained (and accredited) to work with pregnancy and infant loss and bereavement. Rewind trauma therapy can also be used to help following pregnancy, birth or postnatal trauma. This therapy is available for birth professionals, as well as parents. It can also help expectant parents with birth anxiety following a previous traumatic birth experience.


Tamar is an ILM 5 Coach. You can book in for specific coaching sessions. Alternatively, where a goal is identified during counselling, the skills can be used as part of your counselling to help you work towards your goal.

Grief Therapy

All of our counsellors are trained to work with grief and can help you work through your grief to find your new normal.

Personality Disorders

Cherie works with Psychodynamic/talk therapy for this giving emotional support and working back to childhood memories enabling you to understand your own thoughts and behaviours better. I help you to learn how to focus on your own beliefs, understand how to control your own emotions and learn how to manage symptoms.

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