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Family Therapy

Family Therapy
What is the cost of family therapy?

Family therapy sessions run for one hour and £70 per family group for each session.

How does it work?

Family therapy is for families where conflict has arisen, or the relationships are breaking down. Relationships within the family unit can be both the underlying cause of issues as well as the means by which they can be resolved.

By exploring the family dynamics and each member's role within the family unit, it is possible to help each member understand how their behaviours affect the whole family. The therapy seeks to increase understanding and improve communication, self-awareness and empathy to help break the patterns that have emerged and continue to damage the family unit. This will then enable the family to build on its strengths and use its interdependence to bring about positive changes.

What does it involve?

The family will meet with Kate in a room together for 60 minutes every week and talk through whatever is going on in the dynamics of the relationship(s). She will mediate to ensure all of you are given the chance to express yourselves about the issues with the aim of finding a way to communicate going forward and healing your relationships.

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