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Virtual Assistant Services - Tamar (VA)

~ supporting women in running their small businesses

Are you a small business trying to manage your events, financial processes, handle your admin, bring in new clients, perhaps manage a family too? I am here to support you. I have many years' administrative experience as a P.A., Office Manager, Account Manager and small business owner. I use this skillset to support small businesses by managing their admin, freeing up their time for other tasks, such as building their business and taking time for self care. I can also assist with life admin.


What is the cost of this service?

My time is bought on a retainer and is usually bought in chunks of five hours per four week period, up to a maximum of 20 hours per period. 'Life admin' support alone can be purchased in smaller chunks. My hourly rate is £35 per hour and time is billed in chunks of 15 minutes. I work virtually from a home office, however, if I need to travel for any reason then travel time is charged at my hourly rate. Fuel costs are also chargeable. If an emergency comes up out of hours (evenings and weekends) and if i have capacity to support the issue, time will be charged at time and a half. Coaching is charged at £125 per hour.

How do I contact you?

You can reach me at and at tel: 07591 059541.

What support is on offer?

I have a wide selection of skills on offer. If you do not see what you need here, please give me a call to discuss further:

  • Budgeting, invoicing and financial record updates

  • Workshop/training design and development

  • Diary management

  • Event booking and management

  • Proof reading and copy editing

  • Formatting of documents

  • Researching information

  • Making bookings

  • Arranging meetings, workshops etc.

  • Recruitment

  • Designing processes and procedures

  • Policy writing and updates

  • Website updates

  • Life admin

  • Coaching is also available for when you are feeling stuck


What if i do not use my alloted time each month?

I will contact you during the month to let you know if you are under- or over-utilising your alloted time. Overtime during the month will be charged on your next bill, but I will have let you know that you were going over. We can hold regular reviews and adjust your payment plan for the following month if we think your plan is not the correct one for your needs. You are not able to roll over unused time to the next month.

How often will i get billed?

You will be billed every four weeks. Time is paid for on retainer so each bill will be paying for the following four weeks' work. Late payment of invoices will be charged interest at a rate of 5% per day.


Are you insured?

I am fully insured and registered with the ICO. I am trained in GDPR and the rules around data and data breaches.

What is the benefit of having a Virtual Assistant?

There are many benefits to hiring a virtual assistant. Here are a few:

  • No payroll expenses

  • No pension contribution

  • No sick pay or holiday pay

  • No national insurance

  • No tax

  • Flexibility


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