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Rewind Trauma Therapy

What is the cost of this service?

The therapy usually takes 2-3 sessions (per flashback / memory) and costs £50 per session (a concessionary rate can be offered if your circumstances are applicable, please talk to your counsellor).  This treatment is free for military veterans (proof of service/discharge required).


How does it work?

The Rewind Trauma Therapy technique offers a way of permanently stopping the involuntary recall of a trauma, or traumas, by filing the traumatic event in the memory as 'in the past' and no longer a threat. The memory can then be reviewed without strong emotion and where, like many other memories, it will start to fade in time. Voluntary recall remains. It is an effective treatment for nightmares or flashbacks following a trauma (whether survivor, witness or perpetrator). 


This therapy does not require you to describe the details of the trauma. 


You may choose, or not, to then engage in weekly therapy to be able to process the event without the fear of re-traumatising.

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