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Tamar is an ILM5 coach. Coaching can be effective in working through issues relating to your work, relationships, business or any area of your life where something is not working for you or where you are feeling stuck. Together we can work through your current situation and work out a plan for helping you to move forward. Coaching can be used to help in business, careers, personal development, life changes or any aspect of your life where a change is needed and you feel stuck.

My aim is to help you to reach your desired goal(s). I do this with the use of powerful tools and techniques to help you to uncover your own answers, gain clarity on what you want and what could be holding you back. This awareness and support enables you to break through any obstacles and go on to achieve your ambitions.

Sessions are usually an hour long (£125 per session). They usually take place fortnightly or monthly to enable time for you to undertake any agreed actions from your previous session.


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